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ER Diversion

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AHA: Nurse shortage, budget cuts hamper ER care

CNN: Health article on ER diversions


American College of Emergency Physicians

Guidelines for Ambulance Diversion, updated October 1999.,371,0.html


California Emergency Medical Services Authority

Merced area ambulance diversion policies.


City of Phoenix Hospital Diversion Management Plan

Purpose: to establish a process for involved facilities and agencies to effectively manage seasonal emergency department overloads. Goal: the rapid delivery of definitive medical care through effective management of fire department rescues/ambulance transportation during implementation of regional guidelines on pre-hospital diversion.


Emergency Care in California Overwhelmed, Underfunded and in Peril



Greater Cincinnati Area Ambulance Diversion Guidelines

The purpose of these Ambulance Diversion Guidelines is to facilitate the timely communication about and transport of EMS patients to a medical facility that is staffed, equipped, and prepared to administer emergency care appropriate to the patients' needs.


North Central Texas Trauma Regional Advisory Council

Facility Diversion Policy


NorthEast Emergency Medical Services Inc

Massachusetts Region III Ambulance Diversion Policy



ReddiNet's emergency medical communication network enables emergency medical professionals to share real-time ER diversion status information, and enables emergency transport dispatch to divert patients to the most appropriate medical facility. ReddiNet's services include: hospital diversion status and reports, day-to-day resource assessment information, daily law enforcement bulletins, disaster assessment information, emergency preparedness information, managing incidents of weapons of mass destruction, extreme weather and environmental advisories, epidemics and other health crisis alerts, mass casualty incident management, Metropolitan Medical Response System capabilities (MMRS) and victim search capabilities.


Santa Cruz County

Hospital diversion policy


Twin Cities East Metro Ambulance Diversion Policy

Working document from the Twin Cities area on ambulance diversion policy

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