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Mass Casualty Incidents

also see: Aircraft Disasters, Traffic Incidents and Advisories

Disaster Info Slideshow

Slideshow: Management of a Mass Casualty Incident -- Triage and Stabilization
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Emergency News, Information, and Analysis

Provides 24-hour news, information, analysis and coverage of disasters and major emergency events. Site has links to EMS, police, fire, disaster/rescue, hazmat, military, infectious disease, counter-terrorism, chemical and biological terrorism information


Emergency Nurses Association Position Paper on Mass Casualty Incidents

July 2002. Outlines the official Emergency Nurses Association position with regards to emergency management of mass casualty incidents.
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Hampton Roads Mass Casualty Incident Response Guide

Manual published by the Peninsulas and Tidewater EMS Councils (Virginia)and intended as the primary reference and standard operating procedure for training, guidance and assistance of rescue and medical control personnel in the management of mass casualty incidents.
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Image Perspectives School of Moulage (commercial site)

Providers of realistic injury simulation for mass casualty response exercises.
Marge Dolan
2650 Damon Rd.
Carson City, NV 89701
775-882-6257 (fax)


Mass Casualty Chemical Incidents -- Towards Guidance for Public Health Management

by V.Murray and F.Goodfellow. Published in the January, 2002 edition (Vol.116, No.1) of Public Health. The aim of this paper, as stated in the abstract, is a consideration of the problems experienced in medical and public health response to chemical mass casualty incidents. Several lessons are highlighted that would aid future response.
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Mass Trauma Preparedness and Response

Mass Trauma Data Instrument form (also available in PDF format) covers demographic and symptomatic information. Includes explanatory notes and a rapid assessment overview. Published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
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ReddiNet's emergency medical communication network enables emergency medical professionals to route victims of mass casualty incidents to the most appropriate medical facility based on equipment, bed, and staff availability. ReddiNet's services include: hospital diversion status and reports, day-to-day resource assessment information, daily law enforcement bulletins, disaster assessment information, emergency preparedness information, managing incidents of weapons of mass destruction, extreme weather and environmental advisories, epidemics and other health crisis alerts, mass casualty incident management, Metropolitan Medical Response System capabilities (MMRS) and victim search capabilities.


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